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[Mldonkey-users] Soulseek server connection problem

From: Angel Luis Jimenez Martinez
Subject: [Mldonkey-users] Soulseek server connection problem
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 19:38:54 +0200


  I'm using mldonkey-cvs (2.4rc6) and I can't connect to Soulseek
server. From the gui it seems that it's trying to connect to with no success.

  But trying with pyslsk (debian unstable last version) it connects
successfully with (different from above).

  I know mldonkey takes that server from,
but this is what this URL provides:

139: Transfers will now timeout much less often. Made it easier to log
on to new server after move. Various minor changes.

So this info is not acurate at all... and hence the connection problem

  I've tried uncommenting some code in to enable
main_server_port and main_server_name options, but they seem to be
overriden by the URL query. 

  Could it be possible to really enable these options in config and
manually change them when the URL info is wrong?

Maybe I'm missing something, let me know if so.

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