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Re: [Monotone-devel] Re: db init

From: Nathaniel Smith
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] Re: db init
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 17:37:19 -0800
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On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 06:47:01PM -0500, Deliverable Mail wrote:
> I have an old SuSE 7.2, upgraded with tons of sources and stuffed with
> a myriad things.  The popt was from there, circa 2001, but I see that
> popt source on freshmeat, the first I googled out, is version 1.7 from
> 2002.  Couldn't find popt on right away...  The one I have
> in SuSE is version 1.6.  I compiled your patch fine -- although it
> didn't auto-patch into monotone-0.17/, I had to manually
> insert it (your lines are off, perpaps you're using the most recent
> version).  Would installing patch-1.7 help?  Perhaps it thinks I want
> to do something else...

Weird, yeah, the patch is against the most recent version of monotone,
not 0.17, but patch should have just been able to apply some fuzz and
work anyway.

>  I'm doing several-version g++ compatibility check for my other C++
> projects, so I might try other versions of g++.
> Question: if I want to compile several versions of boost for different
> g++ ones, since using the ABI option is rather new and I don't know
> whether that would work -- and it won't with g++ 2.95.3 -- I keep
> boost lib<s>.so files for different g++ versions in different subdirs,
> e.g. /usr/local/lib/gcc/3.4.3/.  If I set LDFLAGS=-L<that> before
> compiling monotone binary, link fails.  I had to hack it into
> monotone_LDFLAGS in Makefile.  Why doesn't it use the environment's

I'm not sure.  I'd probably instead pass it on the configure command
line, or even use CXXFLAGS/CFLAGS instead of LDFLAGS.

> Perhaps you could advise on how to layout boost/monotone  for several
> different versions of g++?  I was badly burned by .o incompatibilities
> and C++ mangling so now I always keep .o's produced by different g++'s
> in different object subdirs, like obj/gcc-3.4.3/some.o.

I would use different build directories, for monotone.  If your
sources are in $MTDIR/src,
  $ mkdir $MTDIR/bld-3.4.3
  $ cd $MTDIR/bld-3.4.3
  $ ../src/configure CC=gcc-3.4.3 CXX=g++-3.4.3 && make
repeat for each version of gcc you want to use.

For boost, you can keep the libs in different directories, or make
sure the libraries end up with different names (which bjam sort of
wants to do anyway, though I don't recall if it normally puts the gcc
version into the library name).  Then you can choose which library
set to use for each build by passing BOOST_SUFFIX=whatever to

-- Nathaniel

So let us espouse a less contested notion of truth and falsehood, even
if it is philosophically debatable (if we listen to philosophers, we
must debate everything, and there would be no end to the discussion).
  -- Serendipities, Umberto Eco

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