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Re: [Monotone-devel] continued problems

From: Matthew Gregan
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] continued problems
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 19:11:44 +1200
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At 2005-08-27T22:13:12-0700, Howard Spindel wrote:
> When I try the db load command, I get:

> monotone: error: sqlite error [1]: near 
> "'H4sIAAAAAAAAAOxdCXgcxZXukSxbtuX7AGxsyyCDAWvGJ2DL2NZh2SNLtpHkI7Y4WjMtqa2e
> monotone: error: 
> 6WG6RxpxJCbhvkM4kkC4A0kgIYGwSTgScyUBcpFgCElISAwE2EAgHAmE4H1V1T3Tx2tpquTd
> monotone: error: 
> zbc77c+j6emq/6969erVq1fV3S/s37//7Tmfv3nKdyY/HpLaBhJy0lRilVH4TCcVs7Jd1zWj

> followed by hundreds more lines that look similar except the garbagy 
> characters change.  It looks to me like lines that are supposed to be 
> data are getting interpreted as commands.

> The db load command fails on the Win2K machine as well.

Thanks, I can reproduce this now.  It looks like a 'db load' for
anything over a few hundred kilobytes is totally broken on Win32 at the
moment.  I'm looking into this now.

(In the meantime, the workaround on Win32 is to use the SQLite 3 shell
tool to load a database dump.)

Matthew Gregan                     |/
                                  /|                address@hidden

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