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[Monotone-devel] [announce] 0.26pre1 released; migrated

From: Nathaniel Smith
Subject: [Monotone-devel] [announce] 0.26pre1 released; migrated
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 01:33:05 -0800
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Monotone 0.26pre1 has been released.  This is a preview release,
intended for testing and dogfooding.  It probably shouldn't be
packaged in distros; it probably _should_ have people bang on it and
see how it handles on their data.

It contains a completely rewritten versioning core, and a largely
rewritten netsync core.  Bugs are expected. is now running this version, and you will have to use it to
follow monotone development; this is the "eating our own dogfood" part
of things.

Basically, to get monotone mainline, you should:
  -- move aside your existing database
  -- toss out your existing working copies (or figure out how to
     manually fixup the MT/revision file, your choice)
  -- use 0.26pre1 to db init a fresh new database
  -- use 0.26pre1 to do a pull from

I haven't figured out how this should be announced on the main page,
so for now, to download browse directly to:
In particular, source tarball is:
And the linux/x86/libstdc++6 binary is:

There seem to be various and sundry new bugs in netsync; to fix the
worst of them encountered so far, it is strongly recommended that you
apply the attached patch.  This _has_ been applied to the linux binary
linked above (sha1sum of the correct bz2 file:
7a5e75e9e2af63cabd8b99ea9e0fa26e89fa4d82), but has _not_ been applied
to the source tarball.  0.26pre2 may be forthcoming
shortly, I'll figure that out tomorrow...

Rosters have landed.  Wheeeeeeeee.

-- Nathaniel

Damn the Solar System.  Bad light; planets too distant; pestered with
comets; feeble contrivance; could make a better one myself.
  -- Lord Jeffrey

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