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Re: [Monotone-devel] monotone dumb progress

From: zzagorski
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] monotone dumb progress
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 09:49:41 +0100
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Cytowanie Nathaniel Smith <address@hidden>:

> Does it work for you?  Are you using mtndumb in real life?

Yes, it is very useful especially i don't have place to host my personal
"mini-projects" via netsync, so i host them by mentioned "DWS" served by PHP
script running at my unversity hosted site.

> Random question: what does it gain from using a RDBMS at all?
> ... <cut>

This might be a good question, probably ... nothing. But ...

But my hosting provider (currently university) provides me hosting personal
page with PHP/PostgreSQL support (and no safe, other than evil 0666 for
fileswrite access to files) - a gain that made it interesting for me ... and
maybe other students/worker of Tech Univ of Szczecin.

OTOH, writing native filesystem "driver" for this PHP site is trivial and will
be done ASAP, probably before, first "release".

> > Anyone interested?
> > I'll package results as soon as i'll find a time.
> Awesome!  Want to send us (me) a key, so you can just commit them to
> the repo?

[pubkey address@hidden

Yes but it will one-two days, I must test it on unix (I developed mntdumb on
win32), write NativeFS DWS implementation and write some doc, and ... go home
compile 0.26 and well push it.

> ...
> > Will your old '' implementation work with monotone 0.26?
> > I don't have access to 0.26 now.
> I think the only real problem added by 0.26 is that the parser that
> finds file deltas will be broken by the new format.  Not too
> complicated to fix.  Riccardo (address@hidden) just committed some
> changes to help with 0.26 compatibility actually, I haven't had a
> chance to look at them, you might want to talk to him...

Well, i didn't know that somebody touched n.v.m.dumb branch for half a year,
thats a good news, i'll look at changes.

> There are a lot of other improvements to be made to the setup,
> though :-).  The disk format could use some cleanup (the
> locking/rollback isn't quite right, and I _think_ it is a win to
> choose the merkle trie branching factor a little more
> carefully/adaptively), it needs to use 'automate stdio' (0.26 puts the
> necessary packet commands in 'automate', so this will be a huge speed
> win), monotone needs to learn how to have epoch packets (a tiny point,
> but useful for correctness) and to reference certs by some
> user-visible id (this will be an even huger speed win), the SFTP and
> HTTP support need to be faster (pipelining or something should be a
> nice speed win, and ideally it should request multiple byte ranges all
> at once for HTTP), it could do with FTP support at all, it would be
> nice if it could run directly against a monotone db, just calculating
> the necessary structures in memory rather than needing a local merkle
> dir, the whole thing could use some tests...

Wow, long list.
IN fact some of these things, are more and less tricky. As I'm not monotone
internals/algorithms specialist, I can't do much in this area.
But (S)FTP/HTTP optimizations are rather easy and i volunteer to care of them.
There could be also a WebDAV writeable FS ... if anybody need it.

> I hope my list doesn't scare you off!  These are all pretty
> incremental or straightforward, and I'm happy to explain anything
> here better.  But maybe it helps give you some ideas for what might be
> fun to work on next... ;-)

Yes it scared, me a little :). But we can try to make some progress ...
First thing. It's _usable_ and stable with 0.25, and main goal (for me, at
least) is to make it usable with 0.26 ASAP.

Best regards,

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