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Re: [Monotone-devel] mtn cat vs. mtn automate get_file

From: Derek Scherger
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] mtn cat vs. mtn automate get_file
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 00:13:07 -0700
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Thomas Keller wrote:
b) make inventory (actually the new basic_io format version residing in some unmerged branch currently) spit out fileid's (old/new)

Heh, not long ago, it did!

However, it looks like your propagate from a week or so ago (0904871303d580a37ccb7b1884f63ccabcd646ee) has removed that and lots of the other "basic_io" aspects of the experimental inventory as well.

I've just pushed d29213e943e7e15075ff815d4a53a3f68225128a that gets things back to more or less where they were. I think I also have a patch that adds restriction support to inventory and I'll add that when I get a chance as well.

I don't expect this to be merged to mainline anytime soon though. The stability requirements of the automate interface make this a bit tricky. It really needs some testing to see how well it suits various use cases and some consensus before I'd feel comfortable merging it. Not to mention test and doc updates.

I'm not sure what the right way to go about this is. I've wondered about something like 'automate x_inventory' (x for experimental) so that it could be added to mainline where it might see some testing while being marked as unstable or something.

Sorry, this has been languishing. I've been busy with other things and have not been putting any time into monotone, other than trying to keep up, for a while now. I'm still interested and stuff but two young kids and lots of other things aren't letting me do much hacking these days.


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