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Re: [Monotone-devel] propose to land .stripped on Tuesday

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] propose to land .stripped on Tuesday
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 10:30:30 -0500
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Zack Weinberg <address@hidden> writes:

> As far as I know, the .stripped branch is pretty much done.  I have
> one more change in mind, to get rid of some correct-but-dodgy code in
> cmd.hh that causes a whole bunch of false warnings with gcc 4.1, but
> that could just as well happen after it lands.  And it would be nice
> to have this done with so we can get on to other more interesting
> projects.  So I propose to merge .stripped to mainline on Tuesday
> evening (Pacific time).  Any objections?

building on my MinGW box is failing because make wants
package_revision.c to build mtn-package_revision.o.

First I had to patch to add $(EXEEXT) to txt2c; I'll check
that in soon. There are also changes to the configure line in INSTALL.

I don't understand where the dependency on package_revision.c is
comming from. 

Running with 'make -r' doesn't help.

This problem doesn't occur on Debian.

There's a similar problem with mtn-package_full_revision.o; it wants
package_full_revision.c. Similarly for mtn-std_hooks.o, mtn-schema.o,

mingw make is 3.79.1; Debian is at 3.81. I hope that's not the

I looked at building mtn-package_revision.o in nvm (which works);
'make -d' reports that it considers the implicit prerequisite
mtn-package_revision.c, but not package_revision.c.

The automake stuff must be adding that dependence somewhere, but I
don't see where in the makefile. It uses '.SUFFIXES' to clear out the
default rules, then adds .cc.o rules. The nvm Makefile does the same.

Manually copying the .cc file to a .c file lets make proceed, but
that's clearly not the right solution.

Later, I have a problem with xgettext; we are using 0.16 on Mingw (I'm
not clear why), 0.17 on Debian. 0.17 supports the --package-name and
--package-version options, which are now used by the makefile. 0.17 is
available on MinGW.

Upgrading to 0.17 fixes the immediate problem. There are no tests in
the mtn testsuite that require a functioning gettext, so I can't tell
if it works (my MinGW box is US English locale).

There's a bug in EXTERNAL_LIBS; it has "LIBINTL" instead of
"intl_LIBS", needed to link tester.exe. Fixed in

unit tests are running now; more later.

-- Stephe

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