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[Monotone-devel] Updated Issue 129 - need 'mtn list workspaces' (monoton

From: code
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Updated Issue 129 - need 'mtn list workspaces' (monotone)
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 10:23:11 GMT


The following issue has been updated:

129 - need 'mtn list workspaces'
Project: monotone
Status: Fixed
Reported by: Stephen Leake
 Type:Incorrect Behavior

Comments (last first):

# By Stephen Leake, Jan 12, 2011:

code is excellent (compiling now on MinGW for tests). 

manual needs a little more work; reference get_default_database_glob in 
commands that use it (setup, checkout, list workspaces, list databases, --db, 
any others?), mention that setup, checkout register databases (any other 
commands do this?)

should we mention the new Lua hook in NEWS? seems like a good idea.

# By Thomas Keller, Jan 12, 2011:

Actually, please base your review on revision 
cb6687e46fc6d115f51e888bf6c8b655fa524036 - I was a bit unconcentrated...

# By Thomas Keller, Jan 11, 2011:

Implemented in revision b5eabe26d8db8d24a28251912e7a6e38a01a1f64 - lets do the 
code review this time in ticket form, what do you think?

 Status: Fixed

# By Thomas Keller, Jan 10, 2011:

 Labels: Milestone:1.0
 Status: Accepted
 Owner: tommyd

# By Stephen Leake, Jan  9, 2011:

Output of `mtn version `: 1.0dev

It would be nice to be able to list the workspaces registered in a single 
database (managed or not); currently we can only list all workspaces in all 
managed databases.


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