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[Monotone-devel] New BETA RC 1 Version Of Mtn-Browse

From: Anthony Edward Cooper
Subject: [Monotone-devel] New BETA RC 1 Version Of Mtn-Browse
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2011 19:54:33 +0100
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   Hello All,

If you don't use Mtn-Browse or have no intention of doing so ordinarily then please delete...

I'm looking for any mtn-browse users to volunteer to give this new version of Mtn-Browse a go and see how they get on. I have tested it on RH4.3 Debian 5 & 6. If you are a translator or package maintainer then please do not do either for this tar ball as it won't be released. All being well a release will will come shortly.

The main change in this version is a new history graphing tool integrated into mtn-browse. The code should be production quality, at least that is my intent. The only reason this is at beta (is one allowed a beta release candidate? :-)) is because as yet there is no help for this graphing tool.

This tool now has a dependency on Gnomes Canvas widget. If you have used monotone-viz then you'll have the library, but you may still need the Perl binding. Your distro or CPAN will be able to provide that for you.


As before but the monotone-viz button now calls up the new graphing window.

There are tooltips that will hopefully help and a right click menu. Boxes with grey borders are unselected but have been included for clarity (propagate nodes). Blue borders signify that the revision is on a suspended branch. Double clicking on a box with a grey border will graph that branch for you.

   Things To Test:

   Have a play and see how you get on :-).

One particular thing I would like you to test is how reliably text is drawn on the graph. The version that runs by default should have no problems. However it is not particularly fast. There is another version that uses Gtk2::Labels widgets that runs a whole lot faster. To use this simply go to the lib/perl directory and rename the file to

Using labels is much faster but on some platforms (Debian 5) it doesn't really work. You need a really long history (but simple) and one can be found in mtn-browse's test branch in it's database:

   If it works then all boxes should have text in the, when you graph it.

If this is a bit much to ask then just have a play and see how you get on. If you do do the above test then please let me know how you got on and which OS you were using.

   mtn-browse runs on Linux and other assorted Unixes and Mac OSX.

Richard - could you please test to see if your branch names with / characters issue has been fixed please.

   Thomas K - Could you give it a spin on OSX please...

   The tar ball can be got from here:

   MANY thanks in advance.


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