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[offtopic] distributed scripting language (was: Re: [Nel] Distributed se

From: David Mentre
Subject: [offtopic] distributed scripting language (was: Re: [Nel] Distributed server algo)
Date: 30 Nov 2000 08:59:54 +0100
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Thierry Mallard <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm now trying to implement a STAGE server (see projet Worldforge[1]),
> with the help of Mickael Remond, using Erlang[2], a functionnal
> language which does has nice features about distribution.

You could also have a look at Objective Caml[1]. It is a functionnal
language (ML style with type inference for those interested) but with
modules and object oriented capabilities. It has not pre-build
distributed facilities but toolkits have been built on it, like

On Erlang, one thing to notice is that reliability is in charge of the
programmer. But maybe your are involved in some other projects using
Erlang. ;)

>  Maybe that could be worth a look, although I'm still not sure an
> interpreted language is really usable for something like NeL or
> STAGE...

OCaml can be compiled in both bytecode and native code for about any
platform (from ARM to Alpha through x86 [2b]). And people have made
hacks to dynamically load bytecode and native code into
programs[3]. Also notice that bytecode is portable across platforms.

Sorry if it is a bit of topic, but I could not resist for this blatant
advertising. ;) And maybe NeL will have more that just Python support...

Best regards,

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