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[Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #52621] root graphics object property "current

From: Rik
Subject: [Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #52621] root graphics object property "currentfigure" does not respect figure "handlevisibility" property
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 12:23:32 -0500 (EST)
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Update of bug #52621 (project octave):

                  Status:         Patch Submitted => Patch Reviewed         
                 Release:                   4.2.1 => dev                    


Follow-up Comment #7:

@Pantxo: Good work.  I checked in the patch here

This is enough of a change that odd side effects are likely to crop up for a
while.  For example, I tried this.

octave:2> h1 = figure
h1 =  1
octave:3> h2 = figure
h2 =  2
octave:4> set (h1, 'handlevisibility', 'off')
octave:5> close all   # At this point, h2 was closed
octave:6> close all hidden
warning: closereq: calling closereq from octave prompt is not supported, use
'close' instead
warning: called from
    closereq at line 38 column 5
    close at line 99 column 3

The problem is in closereq.m

  cf = gcbf ();
  if (isempty (cf))
    warning ("closereq: calling closereq from octave prompt is not supported,
use 'close' instead");
    cf = get (0, "currentfigure");

The file closereq.m is trying to use gcbf to see whether a callback is
executing.  It seems like either we could get rid of the warning (which still
wouldn't work for hidden figures), we could modify close.m to reset the
handlevisibility property of all objects that it is about to call the
closerequestfcn, or we have to invent something in C++ graphics code that
allows gcbf to show through for figures which are being deleted (maybe when
the "beingdeleted" property is true?).

I looked through the m-files for gco, gcbo, gcbf instances which might cause
problems.  The only ones that looked like they might be an issue were these
from gcbf

gui/dialog.m:100:    "buttondownfcn", "if isempty (allchild (gcbf)), close
(gcbf), endif",
plot/appearance/legend.m:1116:        && (isempty (gcbf ()) || strcmp (get
(gcbf (), "beingdeleted"),"off"))
plot/appearance/legend.m:1136:      && (isempty (gcbf ()) || strcmp (get (gcbf
(), "beingdeleted"), "off"))
plot/appearance/legend.m:1146:        && (isempty (gcbf ()) || strcmp (get
(gcbf (), "beingdeleted"), "off"))
plot/draw/colorbar.m:262:      && (isempty (gcbf ()) || strcmp (get (gcbf (),
"beingdeleted"), "off")))
plot/draw/colorbar.m:312:      && (isempty (gcbf ()) || strcmp (get (gcbf (),
"beingdeleted"), "off")))
plot/draw/colorbar.m:335:      && (isempty (gcbf ()) || strcmp (get (gcbf (),
"beingdeleted"), "off")))
plot/draw/colorbar.m:354:      && (isempty (gcbf ()) || strcmp (get (gcbf (),
plot/draw/plotyy.m:207:      && (isempty (gcbf ()) || strcmp (get (gcbf (),
"beingdeleted"), "off"))
plot/util/closereq.m:36:  cf = gcbf ();
plot/util/private/__add_default_menu__.m:89:    set (gcbf, "filename",

I haven't reviewed any of the other instances besides closereq.m which I
stumbled upon. 


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