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Re: benchmarks - sort

From: Schloegl Alois
Subject: Re: benchmarks - sort
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 11:21:15 +0100
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Zitat von Paul Kienzle <address@hidden>:

> Paul Thomas pointed me to these benchmarks.  Anybody want to do
> something about them?
>       http://www.sciviews.org/other/benchmark.htm


> I.C Matlab 0.89  - Octave 7.77
>      b = sort(a);
> Octave's sort is surprisingly slow.  3x worse than any other package
> mentioned.  Anyone know a fast stable sort algorithm?

One reason, for the bad performance of the sort algorithm might be the exception
handling of NaNs. See also

Sorting on the binary level might be helpful, because the bit patterns of the
IEEE754 numbers provide the correct sorting order. This is
-inf < -1 < 0 < 1 < inf < NaN

Just my few thougths.


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