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Re: packages (was: benchmarks)

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: packages (was: benchmarks)
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 19:59:24 -0500

On Jan 6, 2004, at 10:47 AM, John W. Eaton wrote:

On  5-Jan-2004, Paul Kienzle <address@hidden> wrote:

| BTW, moving more stuff from octave-forge to octave,
| and providing a CRAN-like list of available packages
| will help make octave look more complete.  This has
| to be linked directly from the octave home page so that
| people can find it.

Agreed.  It would help if someone with some experience with packaging
systems could help design and possibly implement something for
Octave.  I don't think it needs to be complicated, and doesn't have to
handle binary packages.  If you want to install a package that uses
.oct files, then I think it is OK to expect that you will have to
build them when you install the package.  Anything else will be too
difficult for us to maintain (too many different
version/OS/etc. combinations to expect success).

I expect Windows binary packages since most windows systems do
not have a compiler available.  Maybe Mac OS X too for packages that
use fortran.  Unix systems can build their own packages because they
have compilers generally available, assuming the packaging system
knows how to find them.

Paul Kienzle

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