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Re: deprecated functions

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: deprecated functions
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 14:12:47 -0500

On  4-Mar-2009, Jason Riedy wrote:

| Neither is having my code spew warnings about deprecated functions and
| referring to replacements that aren't equivalent.

How does it "spew".  Any warning about a particular deprecated
function should only be issued at most once per session (unless you
clear the deprecated function, in which case the warning should be
printed again the first time you run the function again after clearing

In any case, you can turn off all the deprecated function warnings

  warning off Octave:deprecated-function

Jaroslav already explained his reason for reverting the behavior.  I
don't think it is reasonable to expect any guarantees about features
that have been introduced in the current development sources.  Also,
dmult is just a .m file.  If you don't like the version in the
deprecated directory, then grab the version you did like, and use
that, at least until the diag x sparse operations can be fixed.  Or
just add the operations you need.  So, I think you have a few
different options here to solve this problem you are having.

| splu is also spewing now (used in condest), but I assume that's
| correctly dispatched to a function that returns the column permutation
| in the sparse case...  I haven't checked yet.

Spewing how?  Care to give an example?

| Looking at the error messages from my first attempt, it'll be a while.

What's the problem?  Maybe if you reported the trouble you are having,
or posted your code, someone could help you.


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