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Re: basic implementation for isosurface, isocolors, isonormals

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: basic implementation for isosurface, isocolors, isonormals
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 22:34:04 +0100
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Martin Helm wrote:
Sorry for the late followup.
I changed the iso* functions and the helper functions a little bit
(avoiding assignments of the form [] = [], which can lead to trouble
otherwise) and tried to adjust the style to be more compliant with what I
can see in the contribution section of the octave manual. I am pretty sure
that there are further changes to the style to be done.
The patches include the changes to plot/Makefile.in and add the new
functions isosurface, isocolors, isonormals, __interp_cube__ and
__marching_cube__. Thanks to Thomas Treichl who helps with the
documentation and examples for the functions.
I made the patch from scratch not against your patch. I do not know if this
is ok or not.
Please tell me how to proceede in the correct way.
Hey its your code, yours get precedence over my version.

With the new __go_draw_axes__ (gnuplot backend) I first ran into trouble
because I use gnuplot 4.3 and this has the transparency feature which
screws up the commands sent to gnuplot.
With 4.2 it works with some side effects and without coloring
(FaceVertexCData). It seems to me that something like
unset hidden3d
set pm3d
set pm3d depthorder hidden3d <linestyle> explicit
is neccessary to avoid some strange visual behavior (the patch is opaque
but the axes are visible even if they should be hidden by the patch) the
hidden3d (not the pm3d hidden3d) setting seems to be responsible for that.
Hope I will find time over the weekend to dive deeper into it and
understand the details.
Sigh, I don't really have much time to look at this, but its clear that we can't include this code till the gnuplot backend works with it


- mh

I forgot the changesets for the empty spaces before the calling parentheses.

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