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Re: Ctrl + Q does not work

From: Julien Bect
Subject: Re: Ctrl + Q does not work
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2013 17:43:16 +0100
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On 22/11/2013 17:38, Rik wrote:
This is not a bug. Within the command window the environment should be exactly like the CLI. This means responding to GNU Readline key bindings. Try Ctrl+Q when the GUI focus is in another window, such as the variable viewer, and then it will work.

IMHO, this a very peculiar and unexpected behaviour.

All other GUIs that I know of (Rstudio for R, Spyder for Python, Scilab, Matlab...) respond to Ctrl + Q even when the focus is the command window.

Is this really the behaviour that will be implemented in the released Octave GUI ?


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