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Re: Ctrl + Q does not work

From: Mike Miller
Subject: Re: Ctrl + Q does not work
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2013 12:18:48 -0500
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On Sat, 23 Nov 2013 18:06:37 +0100, Torsten wrote:
> On 23.11.2013 17:43, Julien Bect wrote:
>> On 22/11/2013 17:38, Rik wrote:
>>> This is not a bug. Within the command window the environment should be
>>> exactly like the CLI. This means responding to GNU Readline key
>>> bindings. Try Ctrl+Q when the GUI focus is in another window, such as
>>> the variable viewer, and then it will work. 
>> IMHO, this a very peculiar and unexpected behaviour.
>> All other GUIs that I know of (Rstudio for R, Spyder for Python, Scilab,
>> Matlab...) respond to Ctrl + Q even when the focus is the command window.
>> Is this really the behaviour that will be implemented in the released
>> Octave GUI ?
>> @++
>> Julien
> Many octave users are used to the GNU readline interface. We have to
> decide whether the control keys are processed by the GUI or are passed
> to readline. The shortcut Ctrl-Q is only used once per session. I think
> it is acceptable to type "exit" or use Alt-F4 instead.

Agree completely. Readline is more important to Octave historically than
the new GUI keybindings. Also because readline is completely
user-configurable using ~/.inputrc, we cannot anticipate ways that users
will have customized their command window keybinding preferences.

> We can provide a preference in the settings whether control keys should
> be processed by the GUI or by readline when in the console window. But
> This new preference would introduce a new text string (after string
> freeze for 3.8).

Yes, maybe for the next release we might have more preferences for
choosing whether to prefer readline or Qt for certain key bindings, or
maybe even fully customize keybindings.


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