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Re: [Pan-users] Feedback wanted: Pan 0.12.90 toolbar

From: Wolf J . Flywheel
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Feedback wanted: Pan 0.12.90 toolbar
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 21:14:06 -0400

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On Sunday 23 June 2002 20:40, Tony Pace wrote:

> I'd try to use more of the Gnome2 stock Icons (or make them similar)
> personally. It makes everything look more uniform...

        That would be good, especially the "similar" part.  Maybe you could 
look at Evolution or other MUAs, Nautilus and file managers, etc. and 
plagiarize (sorry, "adopt" :) icons from them.  That way, they'd be 
familiar to more users.

> Maybe use a down arrow instead of the Winamp lightning bolt on the
> get new stuff.

        I agree here.  Lightning bolts don't have much inherent meaning to me. 
If you don't want arrows, how about a hand?

> The Read Icons use a magnifying glass, you might want to use arrows
> or something. The magnifying glass is pretty standard for search. 
> Might be a little confusing for the new people.

        Yep, or an eye, glasses... it's hard to think of a good one here. 
Maybe an icon like the "Play" button on VCRs, CD and tape players?  An 
arrow could be used here, but do we point it to the right and risk 
confusing new users whose languages read right-to-left, or 
bidirectionally?  (I'm only halfway kidding here...)
        Personally, I'd like an arrow or VCR button.  :)

> The funnel on the filter icons is kinda odd, I have no good ideas on
> what else you might use.

        Actually, it's used in Kmail and KDE's print dialogs, to name a 
couple of things I have sitting in front of me... and I'm pretty sure 
I've been seeing it elsewhere for a long time.  I intuitively know what 
a funnel means.  :)  (Although harder to draw, a sieve would have made 
more sense... but I guess the picture that's easier to draw and read 
won out!)

> >     Go Online/Offline
> >     Stop Last Task

        I just had another think about this... Since, instead of just stopping 
the last task, this actually removes it, would an "Undo" type of icon 
make more sense here?

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