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Re: [Pan-users] Single-click in

From: Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Single-click in
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 11:16:56 -0600
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> BTW, the reason I have no use for tabbed view is as follows.  I'm running X 
> with triple 17"-ers @ 1280x1024 stacked on top of each other

        cool. :)
        I've got triple 21"s (look for monitor repair shops; mine cost me
about $200/ea); but the way I use pan on them is like so:
        so for me it works best to lay them out horizontally (less
head movement, since your eyes are laid-out horizontally).
        I'd like to see your desk, tho. :)
        I got used to tabbed mode when I was still using Agent on Winders at
1024x768. even if I had more vertical space, I'd still use tabbed mode,
because it requires less scrolling through those 1000-message groups. :)
Carl Soderstrom.
Systems Administrator
Real-Time Enterprises

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