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Re: [Pan-users] Yet Another Feature Request.

From: Alan Bort
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Yet Another Feature Request.
Date: 12 Mar 2003 14:56:28 -0300

El mié, 12 de 03 de 2003 a las 14:44, Eric Ortega escribió:
> I many times queue up a pile of binaries to download and then decide that
> I want to also get one or two things that I've just seen.  Currently I
> add them to the queue, open up the task manager, move them to the top,
> and be happy.
> I've done this enough times now over the years that I wonder if it might
> just be possible to add a "save binary (top of queue)" option that would
> just shortcut all that tedium?  I'm thinking Shift-pipe-S or shift-1-S 
> would be nice key combos for it (or ctrl-shift-S or ...).  :)
the problem is: how many users ACTUALLY request or even use that
feautre? I think PAN is open source... then you can modfy it and send
the modified source to the developers (along with a clear explanation
and heavy commenting.... or perhaps just modify and compile it for
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