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Re: [Pan-users] Message cleared when responding to group

From: Duncan
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Message cleared when responding to group
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:17:48 -0700
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On Fri 11 Jul 2003 05:07, Jan De Luyck posted as excerpted below:
> On Friday 11 July 2003 13:24, Nicolas Girard wrote:
> > I have to precise one point: i often reply *above* the original message.
> > Not that it's always the preferred way, but it makes sense in some
> > cases. For instance, i often browse mailing-lists archives with google ;
> > and as you know, google only displays the beginning of the messages,
> > which makes it very boring to follow an entire thread where all people
> > replied below the original message and this orignal message was long.
> Ah. Yes, this I can reproduce...
> All goes well as long as you type _below_ the attribution string. When you
> go above that one it gets erased when you swap identity since the
> attribution string is also identity-specific.
> I have no idea if it's possible to mark a piece of text in a textbox as the
> attribution string and just replace that one...

This reminds me of the story of the man that complained that it hurt when he 
beat his head against the wall.  "Well, quit beating your head against the 
wall!" he was told.

PAN is designed to conform to usenet standard practices and indeed encourage 
them, one of the reasons it is 100% GNSKA compliant.  It is also designed to 
let you change profiles.  It is of course possible, and as explained, 
sometimes easier, to ignore standard practice.  It is also possible to change 
profiles.  However, if changing profiles after ignoring standard practice 
causes pain, "quit beating your head against the wall!"  <g>

Seriously, if you are going to reply in that manner, changing the profile 
FIRST is probably a good habit to get into.  Alternatively, if you realize 
you have NOT done so, select your text and save it to clipboard b4 changing 
the profile, then paste it back in afterward.  I used to have to do that with 
browser replies on various forums, back b4 I switched to Linux/KDE/Konqueror, 
when I used MSWormOS/IE, as it didn't remember the text I had in the form 
like Konqueror does, when I wanted to go back and look at the original 
message I was replying to.  From that, I got into the habit of using the 
clipboard whenever I was going to do something potentially disruptive to the 
work I'd already done. It's a pretty useful and effective workaround!

Duncan - List replies preferred.
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Benjamin Franklin

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