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[Pan-users] An issue (can't remove task), and a question (edit scoring r

From: Geoff
Subject: [Pan-users] An issue (can't remove task), and a question (edit scoring rules)
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 20:30:19 +0000

Hello World,

I am freshly back in the beta loop and re-subscribed to
this list after a long time running 14.2.

I have one issue / bug to mention and one question
(probably a stupid one) to ask.

I don't run Gnome, but (obviously), I have the necessary

The issue is that under both 119 and 120 (the only post
14.2's I have run), I see fairly frequent failures to
complete requests for new headers.  When I open the "Tasks"
dialogue I see the relevant jobs running ("Getting new
headers for .... etc").  If I try to delete those tasks I
see "Getting new headers etc .. Removing" ... but the
removal never terminates. I have to close Pan and restart.

The question is this. Is there any way to edit my scoring


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