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RE: [Pan-users] Re: Pan doesn't save

From: Travis
Subject: RE: [Pan-users] Re: Pan doesn't save
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 00:18:11 -0800

address@hidden wrote:
> Travis wrote:
>> I can start Pan from the "Run" box but not from the "command
>> If I type "cmd" in the run box I get the "command prompt" box.  The
>> problem is not about getting Pan to run it is about Pan not saving
>> subscribed groups when I close Pan.  I'm 99 44/100% sure it is a
>> Vista issue and not a Pan issue.
> As I recall, the reason running pan from the command line was
> suggested in the first place was so that any diagnostic
> output would be visible, possibly throwing light on the
> problem of not saving the subscribed groups. So..., if you
> can run pan from the Run box, what if you just change the command in
>   the Run box to: pan > C:\pan_output.log
> (I have no idea what the Windows equivalent of 2>&1 would be
> -- to be sure to get standard error into the log).
> -- David

This is already way over my head.

Travis in Shoreline Washington

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