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Re: [Pan-users] Re: Pan2 - The bits I really miss

From: Steven Ellis
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Re: Pan2 - The bits I really miss
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 21:17:39 +1200
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Duncan wrote:
> Travis <address@hidden> posted
> address@hidden, excerpted below, on  Fri, 22
> Jun 2007 23:13:50 -0700:
>>> Ok to clarify, I mean saved. I select a bunch of articles and select
>>> save to disk. They don't get marked as read as they are saved, in older
>>> Pan 1.x versions they did
>>> Steve
>> When I download and save articles using Pan 0.131 they are marked read. 
>> They change from bold to not bold anyway.
> Same here.  When load a message, either to save or to read it, it gets 
> marked read automatically.
> Steve, you are probably missing one of two things.  
> (1) Old-pan had a three-way indicator, bold was new, normal (Roman) was 
> old but unread, grayed out was read.  New-pan doesn't distinguish new 
> from old, and doesn't have the grayed out, so bold is unread, normal is 
> read.  It's possible you were interpreting the normal font as old but 
> unread (what it was in old-pan), and waiting for grayed out to be read, 
> but normal indicates read now -- there's no grayed out. and bold simply 
> means unread, there's no new.
> (2) It's also possible you are using a font that doesn't show the 
> difference between bold and normal.  If you aren't seeing a change, try 
> changing your font to one that you know has a distinctive bold from 
> normal.
> To double-check, as the message is marked read, the count for the group 
> in the groups pane will go down.  When all messages are read, it'll be 
> zero and there'll be no count listed.  (Do note that ignored messages 
> don't get marked read or deleted automatically anymore, as was possible 
> using rules in old-pan.  If you still have a count shown, but the group 
> isn't showing any unread messages when you actually check, it's likely 
> that there are ignored messages that aren't being displayed.  You'll 
> either need to mark the group read manually, or toggle view ignored 
> messages on to see them and mark them read.  For that reason, I simply 
> leave view ignored messages on, and any time I see the ignored color, I 
> mark it read without downloading it.)
> If the messages indeed aren't being marked read, if it's not a 
> misinterpretation because you didn't see grayed out and not a problem 
> with a font that doesn't show bold; if the counts in the group pane never 
> go down when you read or save a message, then you have indeed found a 
> bug, and it should be filed as such, because it's working for most of us.
Sorry I can see the problem now.

I use two PCs and tend to sync the headers between then to reduce my
downloads. I appear to have synced the headers in the wrong direction
after a batch of downloads. Yes you are quite right the articles went
from bold to non-bold.


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