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[Pan-users] If SQLite has NFS locking problems... (was Re: Big XML files

From: Ron Johnson
Subject: [Pan-users] If SQLite has NFS locking problems... (was Re: Big XML files... (was ...))
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 2009 15:13:10 -0500
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On 2009-07-03 22:15, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
On Sat, 4 Jul 2009 12:56:36 pm Ron Johnson wrote:

Also (and maybe because I'm a DBA), this problem just *screams* for
SQLite and a database in the "First Normal Form".

Please no. SQLite has problems with NFS. It's not so much that SQLite won't work on NFS as that when (not if) something breaks, it's difficult to unbreak it.

Is Pan multi-threaded, so that the data store (currently, flat files) is concurrently accessed?

Are there any other embedded SQL-like libraries? Transactions keep data stores consistent in the case of a crash (when, of course. properly implemented).

Or what about:

a) breaking tasks.nzb into multiple files under tasks/, and having
   a b-tree index to make it quick to rearrange queued tasks, and to
   delete tasks once they are completed or deleted.

b) breaking each groups/ file into multiple subdirectories, with
   (lots of) files in each directory.

I believe you all that SQLite is too flawed for the task, but I'll continue to assert that newsgroup messages and tasks.nzb are *perfectly* suited for a good 2nd (or even 3rd) Normal Form database design.

Scooty Puff, Sr
The Doom-Bringer

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