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[Pan-users] Feature request: CLI operation

From: Ron Johnson
Subject: [Pan-users] Feature request: CLI operation
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 15:49:53 -0500
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The GUI interface is great, but not so optimized for downloading the headers of big groups.

So, I request a separate program pan-get-headers (which is part of the pan2 source tree and thus gets built when you run "make") that uses the already-existing pan nntp functions.

It would work something like:
$ pan-get-headers --group=alt.really.big --all
$ pan-get-headers --group=alt.really.big --new
$ pan-get-headers --group=alt.really.big --days=nn
$ pan-get-headers --group=alt.really.big --latest=nn

This would all one to do something like:
$ for i in `seq 30 30 990`; do \
>    pan-get-headers --group=alt.really.big --days=${i}; \
> done

It could also have a progress meter option to display percentage complete.

Yes, it would have limited functionality for established users who already have their group headers for a stable set of groups, but is invaluable for new users and even for "established users" subscribing to a large group.

Actually, it might also be useful for established users. They could create a cron job to run once a day (while at work, for example) so as to minimize the number of new headers fetched when in the GUI and entering a group.


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