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[Phpgroupware-developers] Timecard recording

From: Peter
Subject: [Phpgroupware-developers] Timecard recording
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 19:33:28 +1100

Is anyone working on a timecard recording system? I looked through the latest 
download and did not see anything. Also 
I think it would be nice to let people turn off applications in their profile. 
When I implemented the new version, the icons 
ran down the left hand side. Later they appeared across the top of the screen. 
Either way, there were too many and they 
were too close together so I started thinking.

People warned me not to risk my either of my remaining brain cells but I 

What if users could control the appearance of icons and applications in their 
own profile. The administrator gives me 
access to all the applications I need then in my profile I turn off those I 
need only on rare occasions. The ones turned off 
could have a start button on the profile page so I can reach them with two 
clicks. That leaves me with a neat list of icons I 
use every day.

They next step is the option to add an extra space or two between icons.

Then there is the option to let people reorder the icons their own way by 
adding a plus or minus factor to the order. When 
I go to the profile page, let me click up or down to order applications the way 
I like on the profile page and have them 
appear that way on the menu.

Now to time cards. The adding of time to projects is useful to some but not for 
people working an hour here, an hour 
there. One option for day by day or hour by hour work is to pop up a project 
selection list then the calendar and let 
people click the hours they worked for that project.

Another option is to have a [start] button and a [stop] button with a project 
selection list. If I select nothing and click start, 
the time is allocated to the default project "visiting". When 
I select a project and click start, the time is 
allocated to the selected project. Clicking start on a new project stops the 
clock on the existing project and starts the 
new one. Clicking stop stops everything and is what you would do when going 
home. The start and stop buttons could 
be appended to selected applications, like email, so I can change projects 
without changing screens. The appendation 
could be accomplished in the user profile.

Enough of my rambling. The thoughts happened after comparing PHPGroupWare and 
PHProjekt for a client. I prefer 
PHPGroupWare but PHProjekt does some things better than PHPGroupWare and they 
happen to be the things of most 
importance to this client. It would take only a few links between PHPGroupWare 
projects, tickets, and time cards to 
make PHPGroupWare the winner.

If someone wants help, I can assist until the start of June then throw in some 
more time after the end of June.


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