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[Phpgroupware-developers] moving compose and folder links

From: dhayalan suresh
Subject: [Phpgroupware-developers] moving compose and folder links
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 19:17:15 +0530


    This is regarding a need to move the compose  and mange  folders link in
email to navbar ie where application are placed

My need:

           1.can any body    give a  suggestions to successfully  do it.

 My  try:

          try  1. i get a problem if i  call the url of  compose or folder
links  in navbar.

               place of  compose and folder
               (i call the global variable which initialize
$this-xi['compose_link']  and  $this-xi['folder_link'])

               place where i call  the
               (i  call the above mentioned global  variables here,using
that i inialize my variable $var['folder_link'] and ..
               so that it can be used in the template.

          try  2.  if i put the global variables which initialize
$this-xi['compose_link']  and ...  in another global variable in the
               same  page,and proceed caling the second initialized global
variables ,in is also not
               working out ,because only when i click the email module the
either globals are getting initialized

any   solution  please?????????????????????????????

The  ERROR mesage  reads
For try1

       as  "non   Object  cannot  call a function"       i feel that it
comes,because of  calling the functions of  Email  module  in navbar.
 For try2

      no   error
<----------------------------------------Thanks   a  lot   for  following me
till  the end  -------------------------------->

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