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[Phpgroupware-developers] Re: phpgw projects module

From: ceb
Subject: [Phpgroupware-developers] Re: phpgw projects module
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 15:00:17 +0200 (CEST)

hey David,
your suggestions sound good. there already are some guys working on
timetracker. also i got some more mails from people which
want to improve the projects app. i sent this mail to the phpgw
developers-list as well, so you can get in touch with other people working
on this area. please have a look at our mailing list archive as well.
im sure intested in a better intergration of timetracker and projects.
since im busy with other parts of phpgw, the only plan i have for the
projects app is to change the statistic part to use a graphically view.
projects is already used by alot of people, so i would not like to drop
features which are already there.

grtx. ceb

> Hi Bettina,
> My name is David Kelly.  I am one of the Development Team Leaders at a New
> Zealand based company called Zeald (   We have being
> using phpgroupware internally within our organisation for about a year.
> On the whole we have found phpgroupware to be a great web application.   One
> area where the application has lacked for our company is in the area of
> project management and time tracking.
> Over the past few weeks I have done quite a bit of analysis on this issue and
> we have decided to develop a solution that will allow us to manage our
> projects and track our time more effectively.  Rather than writing whole new
> timetracking and project management modules we would like to just alter the
> existing timetrack and project management modules so that the whole of the
> phpgroupware community can benefit from the work.
> I have included a brief description of some of the alterations that we are
> proposing below.
> *  Project and Jobs
> When a user is entering a project and the associated jobs within a project
> into groupware, the user specifies what are the allowable billable and
> bookable activities for the job.  It would be good if the user could specify
> exactly how much time for each activity is estimated.   For example, if 'php
> coding' is a selected billable activity that is billed at a rate of $80 per
> hour then it would good to be able to specify that it is estimated that 25
> hrs of 'php coding' is gonna be required.  This would effectively allow
> quotes to be built using the projects module and when coupled with the
> 'work-hours' section would allow the project manager to analyse their project
> to see which parts are coming within budget, which parts are blowing out and
> so on.
> *  Work Hours / Timesheet.
> Allow an employee to enter a timesheet for the days work.  This would allow
> the employee to record exactly what job they worked on and what activity they
> were doing within that job.   The current work-hours section already supports
> this but it would good if it can be tweaked into a more spreadsheet type view
> so that data for the whole day can be entered quickly and efficiently.  Not
> sure whether this would be better implemented in the projects module or the
> time-tracking module.
> That is pretty much it.   All round we would like to integrate the time-track
> and project management modules a lot more so that they work more closely
> together.
> I have a much more detailed spec for each of the things that I have outlined
> above if you are interested.   I have not included it here as I just
> wanted to get an idea of how you feel regarding this.
> Look forward to your reply.
> Take care

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