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[Phpgroupware-developers] Re: Phpbrain

From: Alessandro Farina
Subject: [Phpgroupware-developers] Re: Phpbrain
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 20:37:11 +0200

> Alessandro Farina <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Hi Dave,
> > I'm going on coding the phpBrain.
> Cool, I have somethings which I wish to add too :)
Let me know what are you thinkin' about. Maybe we can work together.

> > I'm adding the possibility to configure the groups of users that
> > can add
> > answers.
> That would be cool.  The idea of the "admin group" option was to allow a
> group the possibility of posting without moderation.  I would like to
> implement acls on a per category basis similar to news_admin.  Is this
> what you were thinking.

Not properly this, I've added the possibility to choose which phpgw groups
could answer to the questions submitted.
In the admin sectioin of the program, you select groups or group and so only
these groups could  use the functions, and see the links to edit/add
Maybe we can add also the possibility to choose wich groups can add

> > I'm making also some 'graphical' changes (es.: some nl2br all around).
> Cool.  I want better control over the text.  I thought I has nl2br in
> there, stupid over sight.  Thanks for finding it :)
> > I need an help: how to use anonymous login?
> > I've seen that there is a configuration option, but I didn't found
> > how to
> > use that option.
> Ah ok.  This was another interim solution.  atm it requires an already
> authenticated anonymous user session to exist.  I would suggest that you
> leave the control over the anon user access as is, but look at
> sitemgr/sitemgr-link or wiki for a good implementation of creating an
> anon user session.  I am happy to work on this part with you.

I've found the anon_wrapper.php page, linking to this works allright, there
is a 'malicious' bug, infact when you log 'anonymously' you have the
permission to change your password (!!!) the moment I've found a
workaround, deleting the acl record related to the 'changepassword'

> > Another thing thata isn't clear: why did you comment the lines
> > about the
> > score in the mysql querystring? With that comment the search didn't
> > work,
> > then I removed the comment and everything seems allright...seems or
> > is
> > allright?
> I found that it was not ranking the search results properly in mysql.
> If you get it working, then please let me know the trick as i would
> really like to implement ranked search results.

no trick at all....
MySql 3.23.55 on a W2K machine, standard install,  and it works.

> > As soon as I've made all the changes, I'll install on our server
> > and I'll
> > send you all the code.
> Cool, cool.  I would also like to be able to play with a demo on your
> server.  If this is possible i would appreciate it.  The main reason I
> aks for this is that I already have a lot of dev code kicking around on
> my boxes and it is easier if someone has a test site for new code
> already running.
Yes! I was talking about the server I've already send you the adress and
at the moment I've not installed the 'new' version, but I'll do as soon as

> Thanks for taking such an interest in this app.  It seems like we share
> a common vision for its future.  Feel free to enhance it as you see fit.
> btw I had a closer look at the vfs code, I will email some comments on
> it next week.  There are a couple of things I am not too sure of -
> mainly path related.  I will play more and get back to you on it.  I
> like the concept a lot tho :)
Ok! I'll wait your comments, to enhance alltogheter.

btw...what about sharing some beer :) ?


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