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Re: [Pingus-CVS] [Bug #978] Font system needs a rewrite

From: Kenneth Gangstoe
Subject: Re: [Pingus-CVS] [Bug #978] Font system needs a rewrite
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 16:43:02 +0200
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What exactly is wrong with the font stuff? As we have currently redesigned
the display part of Clanlib 0.7, it would be nice with some feedback.

- Kenneth

Quoting Ingo Ruhnke (address@hidden):
> David Philippi <address@hidden> writes:
> > What should be rewritten? The font handling of Pingus so that it has
> > it's own or should we clean up/rewrite the ClanLib font
> > handling.
> Both, ClanLibs font handling should be rewritten and since that would
> require some API changes, Pingus would also need some changes.
> > I'd prefer the second since this may help other people too and I
> > don't like the idea of having duplicate code (font handling in
> > Pingus, linked with ClanLib which has another font handling).
> /me too, but staying away from ClanLib might give a bit more freedom
> in the implementation.
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