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Pingus -bugs?- under windows...

From: Alberto Curro
Subject: Pingus -bugs?- under windows...
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 20:25:16 +0200

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  first, sound on win32 works, too. As you said, Ingo, it's not a lightning 
sound, but it works... 

  I've been testing the latest CVS (updated today, 08/23/2002), and I've found 
these bugs in the game (I don't know if they also happen on Linux, I'm only 
commenting it).

  1) Okay, this is not a bug : the z-ordering in the levels works at last. But 
in some levels (some stonex-grumbel and some other) I cannot see some parts 
of the level (the entrance, the exit, things by the way).. I don't know if is 
a question of the z-ordering or maybe an error in the .xml files?

  2) I've played in story-mode only in Volcano levels. I don't either know if 
it's common or not : any point in the volcano goes to the same level... does 
it happen also in linux? or it's only a question of the need for new levels?

  3) Also in the volcano, if I go to the tube (continue to next world?) I 
receive this message in the background window : 

      Graph : parse_node_list : Unhandled : comment

  and nothing happens.

  4) As commented, the sound works; but, I've no background music (there's no 
music by now, though?) some movements and actions have no sound (or I can 
hear no sound at all) while others have, and sometimes I can hear the sound 
one or two seconds after the action (mainly when each penguin is exiting).

  I will work in my few spare times in the sounds, improving them. I've some 
background in digital music, and some of my friends are musics, too (two even 
professional ones). I guess they will be delighted about making some music of 
their own for this ocassion...

  5) In the options window, I still see a box in the top-right corner that 
says  : "404-File not Found". I cannot click there (nothing happens); in the 
bgd-info window, I see the same message appended with "buttons/back2 not 
found". I've gone to dir /data/data/buttons and there's no files there... the 
/data directory is also updated today.

  6) Exiting the game is slooooooooooooow... I click on 'Exit', the game shows 
the windows asking me about exiting the game, but after I clicked on the 
'Yes' area, I've to wait about 30 seconds before the game exits completely, 
or even it doesn't exist anyway. It's faster if I go to the info-window and 
close it (then the game stops running).

  Maybe another Clanlib bug, Ingo?

   Now, two things I consider to be improved or added to the game : 

   1) As we everyone know, the story mode need an improvement; but not only in 
the first screen (that's the same, think an story for the complete game), 
also before each level, maybe?.
    I remember in Lemmings that before each level I'd an introductory screen 
telling me the main features of the level (bah, not necessary, but it's 
something to think about), and the lemmings I've to rescue in order to pass 
the level and the initial lemmings... I consider this last as a good idea.

  2) Related to the previous comment, I've found a necessary improvement : in 
any level, if I get my penguins and kill the main part of them (not make them 
exploding, just only get them to any part that they will die), the level goes 
on running while I've at least 1 penguin alive. 

  Don't you consider that, as it happened on Lemmings, is necessary a 'died' 
count, in the way if (total_penguins - died_penguins > 
necessary_penguins_to_pass_the_level) then shows a beautiful windows telling 
the player he has made an stupidity, and restart the level?



  PS : I'm working in order to have an installer for the game; I'm testing the 
installer scripts from WinAmp's people (NSIS), as it is free (not opensource, 
but it's something to start with).. anyone knows about other installer for 
Win32 that works better or even OpenSource?

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