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Re: Recall of last message!

From: David Philippi
Subject: Re: Recall of last message!
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 16:42:36 +0200

Am Son, 2003-08-31 um 15.25 schrieb Skule Solvang:
> Norwegian is latin-1 so the ISO-8859-1 part should be right.

Yes, trying UTF-8 yields invalid multibyte sequence errors. :-)

> But the characters isn't in the no.po i get when updating from cvs
> though they were in the no.pot file i sent to the list.

I was able to reproduce it. For some unknown reason the characters got
damaged. I copied your original file over the CVS version and recommited
it. Afterwards I deleted my local copy and pulled it from CVS again.
This time the special characters are still there. I don't know what
happened the last time but it seems like the problem is gone.
Please run cvs update and confirm the success. :-)

Bye David

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