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Re: [Qemu-devel] Cocoa Video Driver & mouse grabbing

From: Mike Kronenberg
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Cocoa Video Driver & mouse grabbing
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 18:50:16 +0200
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René Korthaus wrote:

I know.

I knew - I'm following the list for quite some time :) - It was rather retorical to see whether I was worng, since I still have to crawl a lot of code.

In order to be able to use elements outside qemu (like for examples a toolbar with a button to switch cdrom-images) you must have a way to ungrab on the fly. I use the same ctrl+alt as in SDL.

Why do you have to use grabbing anyway? Its as simple as when the mouse moves over the Qemu window, the cursor in the guest os moves, isn't it? VPC doesn't need grabbing, too, right? I think no grabbing is more user-friendly.

That is exactly the point. To achive that, both system would have to use the same cursor speed/acceleration. One way is to disable acceleration in the guest-OS. Further, the guest-OS would have to know, where I enter the window - as far as i know, the guest-OS only reads the mouse-delta. One way would be to "calibrate" the guest-OS cursor. Possibility: Send a (-10000,-10000) mouse-delta to qemu - guessing that the cursor is now at (0/0) in the guest, then compute the mouse-delta to the window-entrypoint.

Writing this, I realise I have to try that. Thanks for the input :)
(Still under the assumption the guest has cursor-acceleration turned of)

Never the less, one could make an Menu- / Prefferencepanel entry for enabling/disabling mousegrab for Console-Style Guest-OSes

Then, that would require a command-line argument like -nograb for disabling mouse grabbing for the current session, which would be the approach I would favour personally and also for the users of a GUI, cause it would only mean to be a checkbox in the preferences.

Well, I think the "Vanilla OS X user" does not care about command-line options :) . If the SDL part would have a similar option, it would be ok to use that, but as long as only the "small" cocoa world would need it, i would stay with a checkbox in the preferences - which could be handled by cocoa.m without cmdline option.

We could probably start a poll about that... :)
BTW: I renamed the subject to meet the discussion point.

No doubt :)

I rl I write programs for education - target users are children 7-14 and teachers - the keyword is: keep it REAL simple. I think both ways are needed, the commandline way for us, the guiway for them :)


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