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Re: [Qemu-devel] Cocoa Video Driver & mouse grabbing

From: Herbert Poetzl
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Cocoa Video Driver & mouse grabbing
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 19:20:38 +0200
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On Sun, Apr 10, 2005 at 06:50:16PM +0200, Mike Kronenberg wrote:
> René Korthaus wrote:
> >I know.
> I knew - I'm following the list for quite some time :)  - It was rather 
> retorical to see whether I was worng, since I still have to crawl a lot 
> of code.
> >>In order to be able to use elements outside qemu (like for examples a 
> >>toolbar with a button to switch cdrom-images) you must have a way to 
> >>ungrab on the fly. I use the same ctrl+alt as in SDL.
> >
> >
> >Why do you have to use grabbing anyway? Its as simple as when the 
> >mouse moves over the Qemu window, the cursor in the guest os moves, 
> >isn't it? VPC doesn't need grabbing, too, right? I think no grabbing 
> >is more user-friendly.
> That is exactly the point. To achive that, both system would have to use 
> the same cursor speed/acceleration. One way is to disable acceleration 
> in the guest-OS.
> Further, the guest-OS would have to know, where I enter the window - as 
> far as i know, the guest-OS only reads the mouse-delta. One way would be 
> to "calibrate" the guest-OS cursor.
> Possibility: Send a (-10000,-10000) mouse-delta to qemu - guessing that 
> the cursor is now at (0/0) in the guest, then compute the mouse-delta to 
> the window-entrypoint.
> Writing this, I realise I have to try that. Thanks for the input :)
> (Still under the assumption the guest has cursor-acceleration turned of)

hmm, probably not such a good idea, just think of the many
systems where you have hot-spot corners to activate your
favorite wossname ...

btw, what is the problem with emulating a touchscreen like
interface for the guest? it would be sufficient to set the
coordinate field to the window size and every host point
could be translated 1:1 to the guest .. no magic, no special
accelleration, just simple coordinates ...

probably I'm missing something utterly important here, because
it cannot be that simple, can it?

> >>Never the less, one could make an Menu- / Prefferencepanel entry for 
> >>enabling/disabling mousegrab for Console-Style Guest-OSes
> >
> >Then, that would require a command-line argument like -nograb for 
> >disabling mouse grabbing for the current session, which would be the 
> >approach I would favour personally and also for the users of a GUI, 
> >cause it would only mean to be a checkbox in the preferences.
> Well, I think the "Vanilla OS X user" does not care about command-line 
> options :) . If the SDL part would have a similar option, it would be ok 
> to use that, but as long as only the "small" cocoa world would need it, 
> i would stay with a checkbox in the preferences - which could be handled 
> by cocoa.m without cmdline option.
> >We could probably start a poll about that... :)
> >BTW: I renamed the subject to meet the discussion point.
> No doubt :)
> I rl I write programs for education - target users are children 7-14 and 
> teachers - the keyword is: keep it REAL simple. I think both ways are 
> needed, the commandline way for us, the guiway for them :)

btw, if you need somebody to talk about OS X stuff,
feel free to contact me, I started with NeXSTEP some
long time ago ... (still wincing ;)


> Mike
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