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Re: [Qemu-devel] new MIPS instructions

From: Thiemo Seufer
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] new MIPS instructions
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 18:48:47 +0100
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Fabrice Bellard wrote:
> Hi,
> Since many new MIPS instructions are added, I think it is very important 
>  now to add a way to dynamically select the exact MIPS processor model 
> that is emulated in QEMU.

FWIW, I added MIPS32R2 instructions to my local copy while keeping the
CPU a MIPS32R1 4k. This is enough to boot a R2 Linux kernel, and it
should also be good enough to run a R2 userland.

I used the generic architecture spec, currently without using a specific
implementation (the latter would be nice for watchpoints and performance
registers, which are implementation specific).

> I suggest adding a parameter to cpu_mips_init() telling the exact CPU 
> model which is emulated. Optionnal features (such as the FPU) could be 
> specified with an additionnal parameter.

Probably with an additional switch "emulate everything we know about",
which would be especially useful for usermode emulation where CPU
specifics don't matter that much.


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