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Re: [Qemu-devel] qemu qemu-doc.texi vl.c vl.h hw/mc146818rtc.c

From: Stefan Weil
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] qemu qemu-doc.texi vl.c vl.h hw/mc146818rtc.c
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 19:44:47 +0100
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the change from mc146818rtc.c might be needed for other timer
too (because not all systems emulated by QEMU use mc146818rtc.c).

A list of candidates is here (fgrep gmtime, fgrep gettime):
hw/m48t59.c:        gmtime_r (&t, tm);
hw/omap.c:    s->convert = rtc_utc ? gmtime_r : localtime_r;
hw/pl031.c:        tm = gmtime(&ti);
hw/pxa2xx.c:        tm = gmtime(&ti);
hw/etraxfs_timer.c:             gettimeofday(&now, NULL);

hw/omap.c needs additional changes for Windows, because gmtime_r
is missing there.

Maybe all those locations should use a central function (to be written).


Fabrice Bellard schrieb:
> CVSROOT: /sources/qemu
> Module name: qemu
> Changes by: Fabrice Bellard <bellard> 07/11/07 16:24:34
> Modified files:
> . : qemu-doc.texi vl.c vl.h
> hw : mc146818rtc.c
> Log message:
> added -startdate option
> CVSWeb URLs:
> http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewcvs/qemu/qemu-doc.texi?cvsroot=qemu&r1=1.163&r2=1.164
> http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewcvs/qemu/vl.c?cvsroot=qemu&r1=1.353&r2=1.354
> http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewcvs/qemu/vl.h?cvsroot=qemu&r1=1.287&r2=1.288
> http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewcvs/qemu/hw/mc146818rtc.c?cvsroot=qemu&r1=1.12&r2=1.13

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