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Re: [Qemu-devel] Re: Question about KVM and PC speaker

From: Sebastian Herbszt
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Re: Question about KVM and PC speaker
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 00:21:25 +0200

Jan Kiszka wrote:
Sebastian Herbszt wrote:
With the modified vgabios (see below) it does beep on bochs on vista,
but not on qemu.

Works fine for me!

Did you check twice that your modified vgabios is actually loaded by
qemu (e.g. via strace)?

Yes, it uses the right rom.

Moreover, does sound work at all with your qemu?
The image I tried [1] issues two beeps after loading (obviously via
direct hw access) - a good way to check general support. Note that one
reason for broken host sound with qemu can be OSS. For that reason I
always configure my qemu with --audio-drv-list=alsa.

Thats a good hint :)
Seems i used to compile qemu without "--audio-drv-list". Since "dsound" and
"fmod" drivers don't compile here (i likely miss some libs in my mingw), i used 
Now i can hear those two beeps with the image you suggested. Tho those are 
thru my sound card and not the hosts pc speaker (even with "-soundhw pcspk", 
but maybe
that option means something different).
With INT 10h AH=0Eh i now can hear a beep too, but it doesn't stop and qemu 
somewhat freezes.


PS: Your patch was mangled by your mail client. Fortunately, it was
small enough for manual fixing.

Unfortunatelly Windows Mail tends to do this and i failed to find an option to 
fix it.

- Sebastian

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