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Re: [RP] A new `symbind' command

From: Gergely Nagy
Subject: Re: [RP] A new `symbind' command
Date: Thu Sep 13 09:16:01 2001
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> >Ideas, flames, praises and flowers welcomed ;)
> This is interesting. In my opinion, it's overkill for a problem with
> such a simple solution. I'm just not sure how often this would be
> used. I say, just rebind both C-?? and ??.

Yup. Could do that, but as I noted, it's inconvenient when I play a
lot with :bind (and I do). And screen has a `command' command, which
does exactly this.. I don't think it's that much of an overkill.

(And I promise that I'll make some patches next time that will make
the code smaller :)

Gergely Nagy \ mhp/|8]

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