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Re: [RP] More on maximization

From: shawn
Subject: Re: [RP] More on maximization
Date: Sat Sep 15 16:07:03 2001

>I think there needs to be a flag or setting for "let this window pick a 
>I offer as an example the game Angband (a roguelike/moria clone) which wants to
>open a number of windows *adjacent* to each other.  If the windows were left 
>they would coexist nicely on a display, but since ratpoison maximizes them 
>all, I end
>up with a single large window with about 1/4 of the screen area in use, and 
>the rest
>blank, because angband was making the main window small enough to leave space 

ratpoison doesn't work well with all applications. This is because it
attempts to handle windows in a way most people writing X programs
wouldn't think of. As a result, we have programs that are hopelessly
stuck in the paper-shuffling paradigm. Naturally, these
many-windowed-apps are hard to use in ratpoison because the program
EXPECTS you to shuffle its windows into a suitable distribution around
your screen.

The point of ratpoison is not to get solaris VI to run in an Xterm, or
make sure Angband's windows are configured optimally. The point of
ratpoison is to allow you to run Emacs without needlessly taking up
space for a title bar, or maximizing the window manually. Should you
need to open another program (God forbid) ratpoison will handle it,
albeit not always usably. And of course, ratpoison is designed so you
don't have to use the rat.

ratpoison was NOT designed with Vi in mind. ratpoison was NOT designed
to improve gimp usage. ratpoison was NOT designed to adhere to program

You're request but an extention of the arm of the wit-less, mouse
driven, paper-shuffling, dopes that ratpoison attempts to free us
from. If you want to shackle youself back in prison, be my guest. But
don't drag us in with you.

>If I were to contribute possible code to support this, what would be the 
>chances of
>it getting included?  :)


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