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Re: [RP] More on maximization

From: Gergely Nagy
Subject: Re: [RP] More on maximization
Date: Sat Sep 15 16:21:02 2001
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> I think you may be misunderstanding.  I don't want to use the mouse, and the
> program in question doesn't need a mouse.  What it does is something like this
> +------+ +----+
> |      | |    |
> |      | +----+
> |      | +----+
> +------+ +----+
> so it can use different fonts in different windows without a lot of overhead.
> No mousing involved.
> I love the idea of key bindings as the primary way of interacting with 
> windows; what
> I don't like is the assumption that it's never, ever, ever, useful or even 
> acceptable
> to have two windows visible.  A window manager just like ratpoison, but which 
> honored
> geometry requests, would be a lot more useful, even without a mouse.

IMHO, you could arrange that with some splitting (C-t s and C-t S by
default) tricks.

Gergely Nagy \ mhp/|8]

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