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Re: [RP] Memory issues in 1.1.1

From: Brian
Subject: Re: [RP] Memory issues in 1.1.1
Date: Tue Oct 15 22:12:01 2002
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On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 09:53:47PM -0500, Brian wrote:
> Runaway!  rp proceeded to chew up just about all of my 256M
> of RAM, along with a substantial portion of my swap space,
> before I was able to shut it down.  (Needless to say, this
> was no small task.)

Shawn & Gergely--

I spent a few hours tonight trying to track down the memory
issue.  When I attached gdb to the ratpoison process (there
were three, actually), I did a backtrace and discovered the
following, repeated many hundreds of times:

#0  chunk_alloc (ar_ptr=0x4015c1a0, nb=24) at malloc.c:2801
#1  0x40101b95 in __libc_malloc (bytes=13) at malloc.c:2561
#2  0x804e62c in setenv (name=0xbbe80a84 "DISPLAY", value=0x917cff0
    overwrite=1) at actions.c:2091
#3  0x400debce in putenv (string=0x917cfe8 "DISPLAY=:0.0")
    at ../sysdeps/generic/putenv.c:63
#4  0x804e67a in setenv (name=0xbbe80ae0 "DISPLAY", value=0x917cfd8
    overwrite=1) at actions.c:2096
#5  0x400debce in putenv (string=0x917cfd0 "DISPLAY=:0.0")
    at ../sysdeps/generic/putenv.c:63
#6  0x804e67a in setenv (name=0xbbe80b3c "DISPLAY", value=0x917cfc0
    overwrite=1) at actions.c:2096
#7  0x400debce in putenv (string=0x917cfb8 "DISPLAY=:0.0")
    at ../sysdeps/generic/putenv.c:63

(rest snipped)

So that led me to the actions.c file.  I was wondering why
setenv was getting called, since I know my libc has it
compiled in.  The 1.1.1 version of actions.c has this macro

2081: #if !defined(HAVE_SETENV) || !defined(setenv)

The 1.1.0 version has this:

2075: #ifndef HAVE_SETENV

Obviously, something on my system is botched up.  At any
rate, I replaced the former with the latter, problem solved.

Any idea why this method was called over and over?  It
almost looks like a runaway recursion...

Any other info I can send your way to figure out a fix, let
me know.  I'm in good shape now, xsetroot works and I still
have some memory left over :)  I'm wondering if anyone
else is running into this problem (it really brings the
machine down hard if you're not quick and kill it
before it gets out of hand).

Thanks for the help!  


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