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Re: [RP] Re: poundbang

From: twb
Subject: Re: [RP] Re: poundbang
Date: Fri Mar 5 02:03:01 2004

Quoth Cameron Patrick <address@hidden> on or about Fri, 05 Mar 2004 17:15:17 
> twb wrote:
> | Then you just write 
> | 
> |     #!/path/ratpoison -c source
> No you don't; the kernel will only pass ratpoison one argument.  It'll
> get argv[0] as "/path/to/ratpoison" and argv[1] as "-c source".

Blast.  OK, we patch the kernel :-)
I still think we should just put contentious patches in contrib/.

OT: What purpose does this serve `#! /usr/bin/env python'?  Is it just
to force searching $PATH?


<Uberkommando> I keep all my songs in "E:\ClearlyNotPiratedMedia"
<Uberkommando> that should keep the RIAA off my trail for a while

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