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Re: JNPatch problem [Was: Re: [RP] Re: poundbang]

From: Patrick Goldmann
Subject: Re: JNPatch problem [Was: Re: [RP] Re: poundbang]
Date: Mon Mar 8 06:15:03 2004
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On 07:39 Mon 08 Mar     , Joshua Neuheisel wrote:
> 1. What configure line did you use?
> 1. Which OS did you build on?
> 2. What's the contents of your .ratpoisonrc file?
> Hopefully with this information, I can reproduce the problem.

1. i tried both './configure --with-xft' and './configure --with-xft="Bitstream 
Vera Sans Mono-11"'. exc was always enabled.
2. 'Linux neon 2.6.3 #3 Tue Mar 2 03:49:09 CET 2004 i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 
CPU 2.00GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux'
3. ~/.ratpoisonrc (i left out my key bindings and some aliases):

escape C-s
defborder 0
defpadding 0 0 0 0
defbarborder 0
defbarpadding 1 1
defbgcolor black
deffgcolor green
warp off
exec rpws -i
exec rpws -b

i kinda got the feeling it just couldn't locate the right fonts, although there 
weren't any error messages except when i used my vanilla-rp deffont setting 
('deffont 6x13').


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