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Re: [RP] printing output to terminal?

From: Joshua Neuheisel
Subject: Re: [RP] printing output to terminal?
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 08:01:13 -0500

From: "Joe Corneli"
> Is there currently a way to make output go to the terminal instead of
> the bar?  E.g. to caputure the output of
>  ratpoison -c "echo $PATH"

Answer I
ratpoison -c "exec echo $PATH"

This will make the output go to RP's stdout, which probably is not the same
as the current terminal's stdout.  This may be right or wrong, depending on
what you want.

Answer II
Apply the JNPatch.  Then start RP in server mode, i.e. "rp_server
ratpoison".  Then RP's stdout and stderr get pushed to /tmp/.rp_log, which
you can read.  This is essentially what rp_console does.


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