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[Ring] Call ring contact in bash or from (Python) program ?

From: Yvo Brasseur
Subject: [Ring] Call ring contact in bash or from (Python) program ?
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2018 13:06:56 +0200

I am a newbee as far as Ring is concerned,  but active with Linux and open source for many years.
I have been searching the web for quite some time now, but can't seem to find any information on
how to use ring form bash.
I am using Xubuntu 18.04.1,  and tried out the ring(.cx and daemon) 20180228.1.503da2B~ds-1build1
from the repository,  and the ring-kde_3.0.0_x86_64.AppImage.

They work in the gui (XFCE).

I have a small application that allows my old godmother (96 years) to place a video call by dropping
a fotograph on a plate,  which in turn activates a Skype call .
(She can no longer handle a mouse or a keyboard).

But for that I should be able to video call a specific contact directly from a command line interface.
I am also testing with Linphone and Ekiga (SIP), but encounter quality problems with the connection
(that is well with Skype).

Could ring provide me the solution ?
I would love it,  being an official GNU package and being released under the GPLv3 licence.


Yvo Brasseur.


IT beheer met raad en daad ...

Gasthuisstraat 25,
3200 Aarschot

Gsm: +32/(0)475/53.92.86
Tel.:   +32/(0)16/57.05.40
Skype ID: yvo.brasseur
(Pls send SMS or mail before using Skype to have it activated.)

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