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Re: patch for

From: boud
Subject: Re: patch for
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 01:49:02 +0200 (CEST)

hi Dmitry,

On Sun, 6 May 2007, Dmitry Borodaenko wrote:

On 5/5/07, boud <address@hidden> wrote:
i didn't mean to auto-generate the config file in the debian package.
i rather meant just to give a warning to the sysadmin who is updating
interactively. The only option s/he will have is to click OK ;) - i'm
not sure offhand which packages have this type of messages, but i know
that some do - it can even be: "Warning: there are some important changes
in version 0.6.0-20070501 - your installation will probably fail unless
you follow the recommendations in /usr/share/doc/samizdat/NEWS.Debian."

Ah, you're right, I should put a warning using debconf. Probably not
as critical for experimental, but definitely should be done before
uploading this version to unstable.

OK. i guess even in testing/unstable, sysadmins should expect stuff to
break, i was thinking more in terms of the stable distribution - and i guess in stable, essentially only security updates get accepted, so this
sort of radical change would not go directly into stable.

> automated way will always work. And yes, you are supposed to read
> NEWS.Debian when upgrading a package, even if it doesn't break
> immediately after upgrade.
Even when an upgrade gives 10-20 packages modified?  Well, i guess
there's a difference between stable and testing/unstable and experimental.

Don't take my word on this, some DDs may disagree with me :)


I am upgrading from unstable daily, so I'm kind of used to checking
NEWS and changelogs when something breaks. Although I have to admin it
doesn't happen all that often, and it's not supposed to happen at all
when you upgrade from stable.

OK, sounds reasonable to me.

On a related topic, what are the plans for getting samizdat from unstable
into the full unstable -> testing cycle, so that in 18-24 months' time
samizdat will get into stable?

Version 0.6.0 is already in testing:

Ah yes, you're right.

I hope that in 18-24 months time it will be at least 0.6.1 there :)

i would hope 0.6.2 :)

>> BUG: language_list was missing :(((, and language_list gave an old style
>> URL member.rb?set_lang= which fails

Version (soon to appear in experimental) will include
this and a bunch of other fixes, including weird database deadlocks
caused by CSRF protection. I hope the fix to keep action tokens in
cache instead of database will not cause cache deadlocks instead ;-)

As i said in my email a moment ago about the calendar-0.4 patch, i think
i experienced a bug which was probably this "database deadlock", and it
seems to have disappeared in 20070506. :)

BTW - could we get a fix for the "upload content from file" usability
issue into cvs?

We discussed this in February:

user barrier - ambiguity about "content" vs "upload content from file"

and i think it should be fairly easy.


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