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[Savannah-hackers] is now managed thru CVS

From: loic
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] is now managed thru CVS
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 16:25:04 +0100 (CET)


 This mail is sent to people having a login account on
If you were used to edit the pages in /home/www/html, you
should read it. Otherwise you can discard it.

 All modifications to /home/www/html must now be done from 
the CVS tree. The CVS tree is automaticaly synchronized 
with /home/www/html on every commit. 

 In order to have write access to the CVS tree, first register
yourself on Savannah (the SourceForge clone dedicated to the GNU
project) at the URL

 If you are the maintainer of a GNU package and want to modify the
software/package pages, register the package at after login on Savannah.  You will
be granted write access to the software/package part of the and the project pages will give instructions to check it
out using CVS. 

 If you want to edit pages somewhere else, ask for advice to
address@hidden, address@hidden or try to get in touch
with the people involved with the specific portion of the web
site. The URL
lists all the subdirectories of and the people that are
responsible for their editing (updated every day). For more
information regarding this new organisation, read

 Here are some additional informations you may need when creating
an account on Savannah. Since the Savannah machine spawned from the machine (used to managed CVS trees), if you had
accounts on there is a good chance a Savannah
account was created for you.

  When you login Savannah, the transaction is secure (SSL).  In case
you wonder what all this is about you can check the webmasters mailing
lists archive (on fencepost:/mail/archive), it contains a lot of
discussions regarding this planned integration.

  If you have a Kerberos account on, use the same login and
password on Savannah and change the Savannah password immediately
afterwards: it will not change your Kerberos password, just the
Savannah password.

  If you only had a pserver account on, use the
same login and password on Savannah.

  If you have both (Kerberos and pserver), use the Kerberos account
login and password. Please change the Savannah password immediately
after your first login: it will not change your Kerberos password,
just the Savannah password.

  This migration to CVS significantly reduces the complexity of
editing web pages on for many people, specificaly GNU
package maintainer who now have an easy way to access their directory. I realize, however, that some
of you may be very used to edit the pages on gnudist. If
it's the case, please talk to us at address@hidden and we
will find a solution.

Loic   Dachary  address@hidden
24 av Secretan      address@hidden
75019    Paris         Tel: 33 1 42 45 09 16        address@hidden
        GPG Public Key:

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