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Re: [Savannah-hackers] Java pages: project on savannah

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] Java pages: project on savannah
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 14:38:00 +0100

>>> Richard Stallman <address@hidden> 14-Apr-01 12:50:07 PM >>>

>I don't want to say I "object", but before you start 
>to work on the mechanics, we should figure out what 
>jobs are to be done with them.


This is what I thought:

Rework the software/java/index.html page:
- a short statement about the GNU project and Java
- links to all GNU java programs and projects (kaffe, gcc, classpath,
- links to further pages (see below)
- the statement about the Javanese political situation

The index page would also become somewhere to add news items that are
specifically about gnu's java projects. These might be items that
appear on GNU Flashes or they might be less important to the overall
project than that. Mainly news is something to keep the last-modified
date of the pages up to date.

The following pages would be added to the software/java directrory
and linked from the index page:
- a gnu.* package registry (moved from the java-software.html page)
- example java programs, including self-printing programs

Finally, the existing page: java-software.html would become a page
dedicated to non-GNU GPL/LGPLed java software.

The package registry will be editable by anyone who is a member of
the project, I want to keep the membership to members of the GNU
project java projects only.

I also hope to use the mailing list to create more co-operation
between the various projects, there are many oppotunities for code
re-use with java, these don't happen between us at the moment,
possibly because we don't really talk to each other properly.

I imagine that you will still want to edit the political statement
about the real Java (though I feel quite as strongly as you obviously
do) but that will still be possible because the webmasters also have
access to the java pages. 

I will not alter the text of the political statement at all.


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