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[Savannah-hackers] Re: Question on usage of Savannah

From: Loic Dachary
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: Question on usage of Savannah
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 00:28:32 +0100


        I very much admire your dedication on this subject. Do you
happen to know Anne Possoz <address@hidden> ? The links I can see
between you two is that you're apparently living in switzerland, are
both Free Software supporters and have contact with foreign countries.


Kurt Brauchli writes:
 > On Tuesday 22 January 2002 17:18, you wrote:
 > >  ... Of course, I understand that all this is a burden and not
 > > really related to technical matters ;-) It turns out that building
 > > a world of Free Software requires such steps. If we're not carefull,
 > > it may very well be the case that in a few years from now the GNU/Linux
 > > operating system and Free Software applications will all need non free
 > > software to run. Will it be Free Software then ? What kind of freedom
 > > will we have if every step we make requires a non free software hidden
 > > behind or inside our Free Software ?
 > Yes, but since I started working in the environment of Free Software I feel 
 > it is a very appaling thing and would clearly like to contribute. Especially 
 > as the software is indeed very useful for people from less priviledged parts 
 > of the world. 
 > well if you are interested, read:,
 > it's not about software, but how we use it to help to improve the medical 
 > situation in countries like solomon islands.
 > And your concerns are not so far fetched. Since sourceforge started moving 
 > exactley in this direction (I read on phpgroupware), I started feeling 
 > concerned about as well. So I was glad to see a gnu alternative.
 > So finally, I guess I will rethink the packaging of my software, to be sure 
 > what is really free and that the problematic parts are as small and clearly 
 > declared as possible.
 > Probably you will see the project on savannah soon.
 > Kurt
 > >
 > >    To summarize, here is what is needed, Free Software-wise:
 > > fully functional on GNU/Linux, support of non free software elements
 > > as a secondary choice, Free Software being the default choice.
 > >
 > >  > But if the doctors depend on Linux they - at least for the moment -
 > >  > depend on someone who can instal it for them. Sad but true.
 > >
 > >    Nothing will prevent them to use your software on a non free
 > > software operating system. One can do anything he likes with GNU GPL'ed
 > > software ... except denying freedom to others.
 > >
 > >    Cheers,

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